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    Welcome to Luc Devar consulting

    Luc Devar Consulting (LD) has long been helping a long line of creative businesses develop and implement cutting edge productivity solutions customized to allow for the retention of their unique production approaches.

    Cutting edge development service

    Luc Devar Consulting service consists of : needs analysis, applications development, on-site implementation, user training and a life long technical support. We use our library of templates developed over 20 years to cut the cost of developing custom software applications greatly. LD currently maintains a core group of custom templates including those that aid in job management, creative scheduling, accounting and web application.

    Luc Devar Consulting offers a broad range of services offering a turn-key delivery of careful planning, business requirements gathering, custom application development, testing, training and support.


    At last an "Inteligent" application that assist you, it help you write tender and contract with ease. The management of all clause are centralize for an easy update. In short, an essential tool for buyers in the public and parapublics field.

    Go2Task is both an "out-of-the-box" client/server based application or a customizable base solution answering to any specific needs of your company. The end result is a solution that is supporting the very unique set of any business in its most challenging demands.